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Liz B

Brilliant doughnuts off Stony high street. Really awesome flavours and decent prices. Really grateful to have this friendly independent nearby!

Bryan Greenall

You can keep your Horton’s doughnuts. These guys have the best doughnuts in MK with a great selection of flavoured toppings. The size and density of the doughnuts is perfect and definitely not too sweet so you get the full flavour impact of the toppings....

Jessica Cathcart

By far the best donuts I’ve ever had, so happy to have found this place! The dough is perfect consistency and not too sweet which mixes well with the delicious toppings. The PB&J is my personal favourite, a nice layer of peanut butter with a sweet jelly in the...

Artemis Baxevani

Those doughnuts are just phenomenal!! They taste so good! The dough is light and not oily at all and the toppings are super yummy! So glad they are around! Give them a try if you haven’t already!

Becky Almond

Absolutely wonderful, delicious doughnuts with decadent toppings. The shop is conveniently located at Swinfen’s Yard with lots of parking around. Hannah, one of the new owners, was in yesterday when I popped in to get some treats for my sisters 30’th,...